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School of the Way Northern Praying Mantis KungFu

  Advancement System

This school’s advancement system is based on all student’s learning the martial arts systematically, from beginner techniques and theories, to the understanding of advanced sophisticated maneuvers, over time, through practice, leading to knowledge and the understanding of oneself, leading to self improvement. This system standardizes the material every student will learn and test for, at each particular achievement level:

There are six levels of achievement evidenced by a students class shirt color, as follows:

Testing at the completion of each Level is at the request of each student when they feel that they are ready. The judging is performed by senior students at a higher level than the student being tested. Instructor and Graduate Level tests are graded by Sifu Marlon Pilossoph and/or other high Level students. No student is permitted to teach or open their own school without the express written permission of the Chief Instructor, Sifu Marlon Pilossoph.

The five Criteria for the Grading of the Scores are:

Deductions from each of the five criteria above are at the sole discretion of the judges, each category above being added together to obtain each judges total score. The judges scores are then averaged together to obtain the students final test grade for the following five categories: Empty Hand Solo, Empty Hand Partner, Weapon Solo, Weapon Partner and Physical Requirement. If a student does not pass any individual category, the student may retest for that category at the student’s request.

The Six Achievement Levels passing scores are: Beginner Level, a 70% average score is required to pass to the Basic Level, a 75% average score is required to pass to the Intermediate Level, a 80% average score is required to pass to the Advanced Level, a 85% average score is required to pass to the Instructor Level, a 90% average score is required to pass.

The additional Physical Requirements required to pass at each Achievement Level are:

Beginner Level: (white shirt)

The student will learn and demonstrate the following during the beginner level:

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Basic Level: (yellow shirt)

Intermediate Level: (green shirt)

Advanced Level: (blue shirt)

Instructor Level: (red shirt)

The Graduate Level is scored only by the Chief Instructor.

School of the Way Northern Praying Mantis Style Empty Hand Form Testing Requirements

The forms of the Northern Praying Mantis style were passed down to Sifu Marlon Pilossoph, 10TH GENERATION by his Sifu Tony Chuy, SiGung Brendan Lai and his SiTaiGung Yuen Man Gai, 7TH, 8TH & 9TH GENERATION. The forms from the TaiChi Mantis system were passed down to Sifu Marlon Pilossoph by his Sifu Tony Chuy who learned them from another of his Sifu’s Sifu Chiu Chuk Kai.

The forms taught at the Kungfu School Of The Way are:

Empty Hand Solo Forms:

  1. Bhat Dai Ma Bo Kuen, Eight Main Stances Form (*)
  2. Sup Bhat Sao Kuen, Eighteen Hands Form (**)
  3. Tchaap Choy Kuen, Stabbing Strike Form (**)
  4. Bung Bo Kuen, Crushing Steps Form, (**)
  5. Yee Sup Lo Kuen, Basic 20 Roads Form (***)
  6. Yao Ling Kuen, Flexible Agile Form (***)
  7. Bak Yuen Tao Tow Kuen, White Ape Steals the Peach Form (***)
  8. Haak Fu Gow Tsa, Black Tiger Intercepting Form (***)
  9. Dai Fan Tsay Kuen, Big Windmill Motion Form (+)
  10. Siew Gah Sic Kuen, Small Low Motion Form (+)
  11. Tong Long Chit Tong Kuen, Praying Mantis Exits The Cave Form (+)
  12. Say Lo Ban Da, Four Directional Chase And Attack Form (+)
  13. Yut Lo Tzaat Yiew, First Essential Road Form (+)
  14. Muee Fah Sao, Plum Flower Hand Form (+)
  15. Dai Gah Sic Kuen, Large High Motion Form (+)
  16. Siew Fahn Tsay Kuen, Small Windmill Form (++)
  17. Sam Lo Tzaat Yiew Kuen, Third Essential Road Form (++)
  18. Tong Long Tao Tow Kuen, Praying Mantis Steals The Peach Form (++)
  19. Muee Fah Kuen, Plum Flower Fist Form (++)
  20. Fay Narn Jeurng Kuen, Flying Goose Palm Form (+++)
  21. Lok Jing Jeurng Kuen, Descending Eagle Palm Form (+++)
  22. Leen Wan Gum Toe, Continuous Linking Movements Form (+++)
  23. Lahn Dzeet Kuen, Intercepting Form (+++)
  24. Bhat Zao Kuen, Eight Elbows Form (+++)

Empty Hand Partner Forms and Exercises:

  1. Gak Sam Tsing, Three Stars Forearm and shin conditioning Exercise (*)
  2. Bung Choy, Downward Backfist Exercise (*)
  3. Choy Sam Sao, Hook, grab and punch Exercise (*)
  4. Ling Sup Bhat Sao Kuen (**)
  5. Ling Tzaap Choy Kuen (**)
  6. Ling Yee Sup Lo Kuen (***)
  7. Ling Bak Yuen Tao Tow (***)
  8. Sahn Sao 1 through 6 (Fighting Techniques, including all variations) (+)
  9. Tow Fah Sahn Kuen (Plum Flower Blossoming Form) (+)
  10. Pahk Awhn Kuen, Press and Strike Partner Form (+)
  11. Ling Yao Ling (+)
  12. Ling Siew Gah Sic (+)
  13. Ling Say Lo Ban Da (++)
  14. Ling Haak Fu Gow Tsa (++)
  15. Ling Tong Long Tchit Tong (++)
  16. Fay Tong Long, Flying Mantis Exercise (++)
  17. Dzeem Zao, Sticky Hand Exercise (+++)
  18. Fay Narn Jeurng, Flying Goose Palm Exercise (+++)
  19. Choy Sam Sao Sahn Sao, Hook, Grab Punch fighting techniques (+++)
  20. All Special (Sahn Sao) Mantis fighting techniques from SiTaiGung Yuen Man Gai (+++)

Additional empty hand forms students may request to learn separate from the curriculum are:
Daw Ghong Kuen, Avoiding The Rigid Form
Bak Yuen Chit Tong Kuen, White Ape Exits the Cave Form
Yee Lo Tzaat Yiew Kuen, Second Essential Road Form
Muee Fah Lok Kuen, Descending Plum Flower Form
Joey Lo Hawn Kuen, Drunken Monk Form

Weapon Forms and Curriculum of the Northern Praying Mantis Style

The weapon forms of the Northern Praying Mantis style were passed down to Sifu Marlon Pilossoph by his Sifu Tony Chuy, his SiGung Brendan Lai and his SiTaiGung Yuen Man Gai, The weapon forms from the Taichi Mantis system were passed down to Sifu him by his Sifu Tony Chuy who learned them from another of his Sifu’s teacher’s Sifu Chiu Chuk Kai.

The Weapon Solo Forms taught at the Kungfu School Of The Way are:

  1. Ng Long Gwan, Fifth Brother Staff Form (*)
  2. Pek Gwa Darn Do, Pek Family Single Saber Form (**) or,
  3. Tai Chi Darn Do, Taichi Single Saber Form (**)
  4. Pek Gwa Gwan, Pek Family Staff Form (**)
  5. Luk Hop Cern Do, Six Harmonies Double Saber Form (***)
  6. Ng Fu Cheurng, Five Tiger Spear Form (***) or,
  7. Say Moon Cheurng, Four Directional Spear Form (***)
  8. Cern Tao Cheurng, Double Headed Spear Form (***)
  9. Muee Fah Cheurng, Plum Flower Spear Form (+)
  10. Sin Fung Darn Do, Wind Testing Single Saber Form (+) or,
  11. Tso Tzee Darn Do, Two Sectional Staff and Single Saber Form (+)
  12. Chun Sau Dai Do, Spring Autumn Long Handled Broadsword Form (+)
  13. Tzee Ng Gim, Five Meridian Double Edge Sword Form (++) or,
  14. Leen Wan Gim, Continuous Linking Double Edge Sword Form (++)
  15. Sam Tzee Gwan, Three Sectional Staff Form (++) or,
  16. Dai Fu, Long Handled Axe (++)
  17. Lawk Gah Gim , Lawk Family Double Edge Sword Form (++) or,
  18. Siu Lum Cern Bay Sao, Shaolin Double Daggers Form (++)
  19. Fu Tao Cern Ngou, Tiger Head Double hook Swords Form (+++)
  20. Chut Tzeet Bean, Chain Whip Form (+++)

The Weapon Partner Forms taught at the Kungfu School Of The Way are:

  1. Ng Long Gwan Kuen, 5th Brother Staff Sparring Form (**)
  2. Darn Do Doyee Cheurng, Single Saber Vs. Spear Sparring Form (1 of 3 forms) (***)
  3. Cern Bay Sao Doyee Cheurng, Double Daggers Vs. Spear Sparring Form (***)
  4. Sam Choy Gim, Three Strikes Double Edged Sword Sparring Form (+)
  5. Sam Twee Gwan Doyee Cheurng, 3 Sectional Staff Vs. Spear Sparring Form (++)
  6. Cern Do Doyee Gwan, Double Sabers Vs. Staff Sparring Form (+++)

Weapon Solo Forms students may request in addition to the curriculum are:

  1. Dud Ming Tzeem, Take The Life Fan Form
  2. Cern Gwai, Double Crutches Form
  3. Muee Fah Cern Bay Sao, Plum Flower Double Daggers Form
  4. Yin Tsing Darn Do, Dark Star Single Saber Form
  5. Cern Yute, Double Deer Horn Blades Form
  6. Dai Hong Kae Gwan, Red Flag Long Pole Form
  7. Ng Hong Darn Do, Five Elements Single Saber
  8. Daat Mo Gim, Buddha Sword Form
  9. Chuy Gwa Darn Do, Chuy Family Single Saber Form